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Alchemy Series “Lunar Plexus” - Phenakite Talisman
Alchemy Series “Lunar Plexus” - Phenakite Talisman


Alchemy Series “Lunar Plexus” - Phenakite Talisman

Each piece in the Alchemy Series was handcrafted with intention and has been attuned to a specific frequency and function. Gemstones carry unique vibrations which allow them to transmute negative internal and auric energies, offering multilayered support for those persons on a healing journey. Intention was laced throughout the entire creation process, with specific attention to the interaction of gemstone healing properties, color, and geometries. 

Phenakite is an incredibly rare and powerful gemstone- the highest vibration of any crystal.  Associated primarily with the crown chakra, this stone is very helpful in opening when worn during mediation and other spiritual practices. It amplifies the energies of other gemstones as well as builds a strong connection with other realms. 

Created by hand with silver, 18k and 14k yellow gold. Featuring a stunning 1.85ct Brazilian Phenakite, and Phenakite melee from Nigeria. 

A lot of love and positive energy goes into my work- I feature my gemstones as much as humanly possible without hiding them in too much business and movement.

Measures: 1.35x 0.85 inches 

comes with your choice of 18, 24, or 30 inch chain

 All of my jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. Need a polishing and cleaning? Just send it back and pay return shipping. I can repair just about anything, so please don’t hesitate when making this purchase.