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Alchemy Series- Heart Purification

Alchemy Series- Heart Purification

Each piece in the Alchemy Series was handcrafted with intention and has been attuned to a specific frequency and function. Gemstones carry unique vibrations which allow them to transmute negative internal and auric energies, offering multilayered support for those persons on a healing journey. Intention was laced throughout the entire creation process, with specific attention to the interaction of gemstone healing properties, color, and geometries. 

A stunning Peridot from Pakistan is accented with 4 electric red Spinels from Myanmar. This talisman is constructed of silver, 14k yellow gold and 18k yellow gold. This piece is designed to attract more love in all areas of ones existence while also aiding  in heart purification. Wear over your heart to maximize the benefit.

Measures: 0.9 by 0.85 inches

Comes with your choice of 18", 24" or 30" chain