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Alchemy Series- Balance of Masculine and Feminine

Alchemy Series- Balance of Masculine and Feminine

Each piece in the Alchemy Series was handcrafted with intention and has been attuned to a specific frequency and function. Gemstones carry unique vibrations which allow them to transmute negative internal and auric energies, offering multilayered support for those persons on a healing journey. Intention was laced throughout the entire creation process, with specific attention to the interaction of gemstone healing properties, color, and geometries. 

A bright purplish red garnet from Mahenge, Tanzania is accented by 6 white sapphires. Constructed using silver, 14k yellow gold, and 18k yellow gold. This pendant helps unify heart and womb/hara consciousness by balancing the masculine and feminine energies within. 

 Measures: 0.9 by 0.8 inches 

Comes with your choice of 18, 24, or 30 inch chain